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I only fav when it's like REALLY awesome!!



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 I just thought that it was time for me to update you all a bit on my life. Not so much on what happened because I just don't feel like going into all that. It's too much, considering I haven't told you anything in months. Maybe I will later. Maybe I won't. Don't get too excited.
HOWEVER I'm going to give another rendition on my lists, the lists of things I've been really into lately. I hope you'll enjoy it!

FIRSTLY my well awaited


1) Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue…
I'm going to see Bob Dylan live next month. I'm taking Jeanine along with me and seriously.. The thought alone makes me giddy; I get butterflies in my stomach, get unreasonably nervous and over the top excited. Even if he'll be absolute shit (he's in his seventies after all - he's been playing for well over fifty years) I'll be glad to have gone. I'm just so happy!
Tangled Up In Blue is a real classic off one of his best albums, Blood on the Tracks, from '75.
Let's hope the link I put up will stay there for a while. Bob Dylan songs are extremely hard to locate on Youtube due to copyright reasons.

It's not a really good song, nor is it intellectually very stimulating, but it's catchy and I like to believe it brings along a bit of awareness to present day youth about the world we're living in. I don't like that in the video clip of it that they silence all the adults or something like that, because it sort of misses the point. Because isn't the song mad about the fact that those adults never listened to them? Ah well, maybe I'm looking into it too much. Or maybe everyone should look into everything a little bit more.
The top comments on this video make me slightly less okay with having this song in my list for this journal, but I've already chosen it, so sod it all.

3) John Lennon - How Do You Sleep…
I recently bought the Mind Games album. Still trying to get my record playing to work (I need an earthing wire.. Well, I've got one but it can't plug into my record player) but I've listened to it a great deal on my iPod. However, I bought it because I've been listening to a lot of Lennon lately. I've picked this song to highlight today because that way I can switch a bit between Lennon and McCartney.
How Do You Sleep was a bit of a comeback to Too Many People that was released by Paul McCartney in '71, shortly after the Beatles break up, which was (as you surely know) not a peaceful clean break. John released How Do You Sleep about three months after.
How Do You Sleep is without a doubt FAR better than Too Many People. Paul is very soft and careful with his vague and not all too clear digs at John in the song, but John cuts right through the bullshit and tells it how it is. It's cruel and painful and it sort of makes me laugh because none of it is untrue as far as I can judge. Honestly, I'm a Paul fan as much as the next gal but there are some things you just can't ignore about him.
You live with straights who tell you you was king
You jump when mama tells you anything
The only thing you've done was Yesterday
And since you're gone you're just Another Day
This song really shows me that John was just a lot meaner than Paul. In a good way. Or something. Paul was a lot less mean, but he was a giant bullshitter, which is unbearable as well. However, in this case John being a mean prat meant the song was a lot better.

4) The Beatles - Girl…
Not to leave the topic completely (:
I think Girl is one of the most sexy Beatles songs out there. Twist And Shout is one as well (although not technically a Beatles song, but fuck it) and I Want You/She's So Heavy. They're songs that just pull every string inside of yourself. I don't know if guys feel it the same way, but me, as a girl, feel it..!

5) Buffalo Springfield - Stop Children, What's That Sound…
It's a classic and most people know it or recognize it, but the meaning of the song has been forgotten I reckon. It's about the Vietnam War (I'm guessing). Either way, it's about the feeling of being powerless while things are happening out of your control. Meeting resistance everywhere you go.

6) The Romantics - What I Like About You…
Another classic! Not only it's a great song, but also the lead singer is also the drummer, which is quite rare! I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I always felt like if I'd ever play in a band, I'd want to play drums. However I have NO sense of rhythm, so that's not going to happen. I just feel like it's the coolest position in a band ever! The base comes in second I suppose.

7) Dean Martin - Everybody Loves Somebody…
I've also got a Dean Martin album, but this song is not on it unfortunately. This little number pushed the Beatles off the number one spot in 1964. The song had been done before long before Dean tried it out, even Sinatra had a crack at it I believe, but Dean made it the classic it is.

8) Andy Williams - Moon River…
You will know this as the title song of Breakfast At Tiffany's. Frank Sinatra has sung it, Audrey Hepburn sings it in the film, but my favourite remains Williams' rendition of it. No explanation needed I believe.
I do like to tell you all how I re-stumbled over the song. I was in Greece over the summer and it was the last night and we were staying in a hotel in Athens. My little brother and I shared a room and there was a TV and we hadn't had any form of telly or internet in weeks so we just jumped it. However we ended up watching Sex And The City (because it came right after Top Gear, okay!?) and Mr Big is moving away from New York and What's-Her-Face with the blond curls (the show's about her but I can't remember her name! Carrie, is it?) is very upset. However Mr Big leaves her his record of Moon River because it's his favourite record or something. Although Mr Big is a bit of an asshole, I've always preferred him. Not sure as to what I preferred him to, but just in general. I preferred him over all the other men she dates in the show.

I think I'm stopping with the MUSIC LIST and I'm starting on the


The show's premise is that people come on the show who have an unusual or unique job and the panel have to guess with yes or no questions what's their job. There's also a mystery guest which is a celebrity and the panel will have to wear blindfolds for that bit and guess who it is, rather than their line (of work).
The link goes to part 1 of 4 of an episode in which Groucho Marx (as you know; one of my favourite people) guest stars in the panel. You might want to skip the first part because it's only everyone introducing each other, but Groucho has a few gags in it.
However, in part 2 you have the first 'challenger' who looks like Chroesjtsjov, the Soviet leader at that time (he came right after Jozef Stalin). Shortly before this episode was made he had visited the States and he had wanted to visit Disneyland but had demanded that they closed the parks for him. Walt Disney (still alive then) refused. That's what that's all about. Just so you know.
In part 3 there's the female professional wrestler and throughout the whole episode Groucho is making digs at her being a prostitute (in the nicest possible way; everyone's laughing, including herself) and after a while everyone keeps slipping up and they start making the same kind of comments (some of them accidental, some of them not).
I just want to point out to you Arlene Francis, the blonde one on the panel. She's a wonderful woman. Already somewhere in her fifties when this was broadcast but still a beautiful young woman to look at. Love her!

2) Kitchen Nightmares…
Fuck it, I love this show. I love Gordon Ramsay in this show, I love the over dramatic music in this show. I even sort of love the annoying way they keep re-showing us everything we've literally JUST seen.
This episode is one of my favourites. These twins are amazing. They're unreal. I can't even explain it. They just are. They are so incredibly not something that is supposed to exist, but somehow they do. Watch it. Tell me what you think. What the hell.

3) World's Strictest Parents…
The show's name doesn't really fit the show. Sometimes it does, but sometimes the parents are just reasonable. The show should be called SHIT CHILDREN. However, it's nice to see how the children have changed once they return home. It's not a complete picture since children don't turn out like this by themselves, but they don't show the parents as anything than the victims, rather than the cause. However the kids have become an age where it's not going to matter anyway what the parents have done when they were kids. They need to hear it somewhere else and that's what this show does.
This episode is probably one of my personal favourites and next to that a great advocate for gay-adoption if you ask me. You don't always believe the child has learned it's lesson, but these parents really make sure they do.

4) The Lizzie Bennet Diaries…
Not a TV-series, but a series of videos nonetheless. It's made by a group of people, namely Hank Green (half of the Vlog Brothers, who is also responsible for VidCon). It's the first internet series to have won an Emmy (which used to say a lot, but recently the Voice has won one too, so well..) and it's a modern adaptation of the age old classic Pride and Prejudice. It's filled to the brim with small little references that the 'true Austen fans' can spot, but you really don't need to be one to watch it. It's stuck into a new, glamorous jacket and keeps you interested throughout.

5) React To by the Fine Brothers…
Again; not a TV-series, but whatever. I generally really like this show. It shows how different groups of society think about current situations. First there was Kids React and after came Teens React and now there is also Elders React and Youtubers React. However, recently it has become less and less in-depth. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but it started out as a show that had really genuine and thought provoking responses to things happening in the world or on the internet, but it's become a bit more shallow with very thoughtless comments; it's either stupid or really cool and there is a lot less explaining going on. This moment I'd say Elders React is my favourite because it's the one where there are the most intelligent responses. Not always and not always by everyone, but still.
The episode I picked out for you is NOT my favourite. It's Youtubers React To The Best Song Ever, referring to the song by One Direction. I have to say I hadn't heard the song before I saw this episode and I also have to say I don't hate One Direction. I don't really like the hype around them, but they haven't done something themselves that has really irritated me yet, so good for them and all for being successful. Or something. (although I do believe there are others that deserve that success a lot more)
However, when the Fine Brothers say that the song chords are basically a rip-off from The Who most of them don't care at all. I think that's unacceptable. They are plagiarizing shit and it's one of the worst intellectual crimes in the world. If I'd quote one line from a book in my essay in college without giving it proper credit according to the standards, I get kicked out of school. How come One Direction can get away with STEALING someone's intellectual property?
Not really One Direction though, since they've never written shit. It's those 'writers' of them. They should be sacked and discredited everywhere they went. How dare they..! The song's pretty shit too. What the hell is it supposed to be about? About being yourself or something and not doing what you're told for the sake of doing what you're told? Look at the fucking dances they're doing!? Who told them to do those? And the chorus has nothing to do with the so called 'message' they're trying to convey in their verses, because suddenly everything stops and they're just singing that they're dancing to the Best Song Ever. Well, I don't believe them. I don't believe it was the Best Song Ever and I don't believe they'd recognize it if it came along.

AND WITH THAT I'm going to switch over to the last category for today


I've seen it last weekend and was just thoroughly enjoying it all the way through. The ending wasn't that much of a surprise to me and I'm not sure if it disappointed me or not (I don't know if I could come up with something better) but it just didn't matter because the rest of the film was just really enjoyable! It wasn't like it was the best film of all time or anything, but you were just gripping your seat in pleasure the entire time and afterwards you wished you had taken the career path of the illusionist.
It's about a couple of illusionists who are mysteriously brought together. They are all great in what they do and although they're all pretty much on the bottom of the societal ladder, a year after them meeting they are doing a huge show in Las Vegas. They pull a heist which makes it look like they've robbed a bank in the show. A bank in Paris! It soon becomes clear that the bank has actually been robbed and the police get's involved.
It's a stellar cast; everyone is excellent in their role. Jesse Heisenberg (Mark Zuckerberg in the The Social Network) plays Daniel Atlas perfectly (although I would've liked to have seen more of him being a control freak: they said he was but we didn't get to see much of it), Woody Harrelson I normally find an annoying actor, but he does very well in this film and in my opinion we didn't get to see enough of Isla Fisher (Confessions Of A Shopaholic) and Dave Franco (that's right! James Franco's little brother!). Morgan Freeman is always great, even though he plays a bit of a self-righteous prick in this one and Mark Ruffalo shows us how he can be more than Bruce Banner! And he was it very convincingly!
Just a film where you can fantasize it's actually you doing the cool magic tricks (:

I've thought a long time about whether to put this one on the list or not, but I have decided that I should. I've read the book, the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and I had a different interpretation of the book than the film but I don't think the film's interpretation was wrong. I thought DiCaprio was pretty much perfect for the role of Gatsby and that Tobey McGuire was really good in his role too and everyone was pretty much just really good.
The biggest issue of this film is the soundtrack. It takes place in the Roaring 1920's which means that they could've used great orchestra-greats but they didn't. They used hip hop, mainly Jay-Z (afterwards I found out he produced the film..) to accompany the scenes and I took a great deal of time to reflect upon that. Did I like that? Well I've thought about it so prepare for my opinion..!
I think I liked it. Although I think it's a shame that therefor they didn't use the authentic music, that I essentially like more, I don't think it was the wrong choice to use this music. It sort of made everything more relate-able and more 'of this time' which some people might need. It perhaps felt closer to home. Besides, the music is pretty much the only thing un-authentic. The clothes, cars, fashion, even the dances and slang are very much twenties and that's great.
One thing I'd really like to comment on though is that they should've featured Tom Buchanan's superior attitude a lot more. Tom was an asshole in the most bad-ass of ways. I loved him in the book, even though I probably shouldn't have. He's an asshole after all. A proper, horrible, racist asshole. But still.
One thing I definitely didn't like about the film was that it told the whole story from Nick Carraway's view in the sense that he is in some sort of 1930's rehab because he's become an alcoholic and that the doctor advises him to write his thoughts down and his thoughts are the memories he has of Jay Gatsby. It's nowhere mentioned in the books that he becomes an alcoholic, it's not really relevant and it's a bit of an annoying add-on. They should've left that one out completely.

3) Peter Pan (Disney 1953)…
I don't think I've ever mentioned it before but Peter Pan is my favourite Disney Classic. I read the book and loved it and although the film is pretty much completely different to the book, it's a fairy tale just the same.
To everyone who hasn't read Peter Pan; go do it! It's a wonderful book and it has all these layers of sad and glad and if you read close enough you'll discover them all. Maybe I'll reread it coming weekend, because it's really good!

Sequel to Kick-Ass, which literally just a film that was kick-ass! I loved it and was looking forward to seeing Kick-Ass 2. It hasn't disappointed me. The scene with the 'sick-stick' was a bit too much perhaps (I mean; come on..!) and some of the high school, queen bee things were perhaps a bit forced, but everyone was watching this for Hit Girl and it delivered! Hit Girl was awesome as ever! I believe ChloŽ Grace Moretz is one of the best hopes we have for future acting generations. I hope she won't go all Lindsay Lohan on us and will stick with just acting and acting well. You should really check out her other movies as well; they're really good.
However, no matter how good Moretz was, there was one person that really stuck out in this film. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (seriously what's up with all the stars having three names? Aaron Taylor-Johnson as well!) was AWESOME as the Motherfucker. He completely stole the show. Last film he was Red Mist but this film he returns wanting revenge on Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass killed his dad after all.
However the Motherfucker is about as good as it gets. What I really like about the character is actually pretty much it's last lines (except the ones after the credits) SPOILER when he falls to his death, doesn't die and then looks up to Kick-Ass saying: "Woooh, I'm still alive! Hey, Dave (yes they're on first name basis now) let's team up and become superheroes together!" You have to take in mind that he has pretty much just killed a couple of Kick-Ass' friends AND his dad by now. The Motherfucker is just a spoiled brat with too much money and he just doesn't care anymore. It's a giant fucking game. And then he gets eaten by a shark.
Ah well..

I'm ending it with these lists now. There's no BOOK LIST this time (although I can't remember if I've ever done one before) but that's because I haven't been reading very heavily the last couple of months (I know, shocker!). I've reread Alice In Wonderland and Mansfield Park but I didn't really felt like doing a list for just that. Maybe next time, okay?
Ta for reading gang!




My (troms) Deviant ID!
Picture: the midnight release to the last (snif) harry potter film!
Me, in essentials: stubborn, history, tall.
Me, as in things i love: MARX BROTHERS! Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, history and everything involved (from old movies, fashion, manners, wars, dates, conspiracies, whatever more), tintin, reading, drawing, talking (<a bit too much actually).
I'm Wigge, I'm 17 years old and I live in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. I work at a supermarket, can't count and i'm just a bad mathematic overal.

Also, I've been asked more than once why my deviantart account is called 'luciadmedici'.. Well.. Here is the not so impressive story;
As I told you I am a history geek and about a year ago, I was really into early rennaisance Italy. Of all the powerful kickass families you had back then, I thought the d'Medici's were the most awesome. One of them was a girl called Lucia d'Medici (or more than one, but they are not important) and even though she didn't had any actual influence or something, like Queen Anna from France and the more than one popes the Florencian family delivered, I REALLY liked her name.
That's why I'm called 'luciadmedici'..
Well with this climax I'll just end the whole DA-ID crap, because if people really want to know me; TALK TO ME! (like Wello did.. She is awesome)

What maybe tells more about me than I could ever do, is my Heroes-List:
Here's my Heroes-List, not neccesarily in this order:
- Marx Brothers
- Peter Pan
- The Women In The Paper Who Tried To Pay Of Her Morgage By Paying Only 10 Euro's A Month, So It Would Take Her 1500 Years To Pay The Whole Thing
- Professor Calculus

and my favourite doctor ever: :icondoctorwhoplz:

Current Residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: A lot
Favourite style of art: Art (XD)
Operating System: Mac and Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I like my little iPodShuffle (the old one, not the newer, even smaller one)
Wallpaper of choice: The Mello Wello drew me and the Marx Bros theme I 'made' (:
Favourite cartoon character: Patrick (but a lot more also)
Personal Quote: 'There is a difference between multitasking and aids.'

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